New Cap Colors! New Options! New Adds! OH MY!

Crafty Caps is excited to bring you brand new cap colors, options and other add ons!  Check out some of our favorites!

Check out below for all the descriptions of options we currently offer – and some special items you can ask us about if interested!



*Standard (Top Design):  The standard option is basically a unused bottle cap, it has not been crimped or used.  Your design will be sealed on the TOP of the cap.  This is the only option for brewing/crimping purposes.*Standard (Inside Design):  Not crimped or used – Design will be sealed on the INSIDE of the cap.  Seals are removed for this option.

*Standard (Inside/Outside Design):  Not crimped or used.  Designs are printed and sealed on BOTH the inside of the cap as well as on the top/outside of the cap.  Seals are removed for this option.


*Flattened (Top Design):  This option is a standard bottle cap, only flattened.  The ridges face upward, next to the top of the cap.  On our flattened caps, the images are designed on the TOP of the cap – NOT the inside.

*Flattened (Inside Design):  This option is a standard bottle cap, only flattened.  The ridges face upward, next to the top of the cap.  The difference from the option above is choosing this option – your design will be sealed on the INSIDE of the cap.  Seals are removed for this option.

*Flattened (Inside/Outside Design):  This option is a standard bottle cap, only flattened.  The ridges face upward, next to the top of the cap.  Chose this option and we will add an image to BOTH the inside and the outside of your design.  Seals are removed for this option.


*Cupped:  If you would like, we can “cup” your bottle cap.  This is a cap that LOOKS like it has been used on a bottle and twisted off.  It is an unused cap, but has been crimped down and designed.  We offer all three options under our “Cupped” caps:  Top Design, Inside Design or Inside/Outside Design.

(Available for ANY cap option:  Standard/Flattened/Cupped)

*Resin Filled: Choose this option, either inside or inside/outside design, and we will fill the inside of your cap with a glossy resin.

*Epoxy Dome:  1″ in diameter, epoxy “dots” that can be placed directly over our sealed images.  This option creates a more 3D effect on your bottle cap.

*Glitter Epoxy Dome:  Same as above – except sparkling with glitter!  1″ in diameter, epoxy “dots” that can be placed directly over our sealed images.  This option creates a more 3D effect on your bottle cap.


*Drilled Holes:  We offer several new types of hole options.  If you want a custom drilling of some kind, feel free to let us know and we can accommodate your project!

*Colored Jump Rings:  One of our newest extras are colored jump rings!  Originally we only offered silver and gold, but now you can choose:  Silver, Gold, Black, Blue, Pink, Hot Pink, Green, or Purple!

*Magnets:  We offer two types of magnets.  Our standard ceramic magnet is affixed to the inside/underside of the cap.  This option is generally for outside/top design.  However, it can be placed on the outside/top if you would like your image on the inside of the cap.  Just mention that you would like this option when ordering.  The second type of magnet we offer is a Neo-magnet – a very strong, but very thin magnet that is affixed to the outside/top of the cap.  This option is for Inside Design ONLY.

*Keychains / Wine Charms:  Keychains are a great way to show off your bottle cap, they are currently only offered in a silver color.  If you’re looking for gold, please let us know and we’ll custom quote.  We’ve recently added Wine Charms to our offerings!  These wine charms will be adding to your bottle cap and come in three sleek colors:  Silver, Gold or Black.

*Zipper Pulls:  We are so excited to start bringing you options for Bottle Cap Zipper Pulls!  Soon we will have photo examples of everything for you.  These are adorable and work so well on little one’s jackets!

*Necklaces:  We have a wide NEW selection of necklaces for your enjoyment!  We offer beaded necklaces in a variety of colors:  Silver, Black, Antique Silver, Copper, Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Lime Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Blue, or Purple!  We’re also now offering chain necklaces in Antique Silver or Copper.  In addition, we offer Pink & White, Black & White, Black or Brown Braided Leather necklaces, we also have 2mm and 3mm cord leather necklaces.  Last, but not least our silk organza necklace collections, we have a very large spectrum of colors for you:  Black, Bright Blue, Hot Pink, Pink, White, Green, Light Blue, Red, Purple, Lavender, or Lime Green.  Pair them up with colored jump rings!

All “Special” order items found here are available.  Please contact us for a custom quote.  We do not offer these online as standard options because some of our images will not work for them.  Custom quotes will give us the opportunity to give you the best price, for the best product.

Oversized Bottle Caps: 
2 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ Jumbo Silver Heart Bottle Caps
1 3/4″ Jumbo Silver Bottle Caps
2 3/4″ Supersized Silver Bottle Caps
3 1/2″ Mega sized Silver Bottle Caps
1 3/4″ Jumbo Petal Silver Bottle Caps

Oversized Bottle Cap Options:
Heart Epoxy Domes
2 3/4″ Epoxy Domes
1 3/4″ Epoxy Domes

Mini Bottle Caps
1/2″ Mini Silver Bottle Caps
1/2″ Epoxy Domes

Silver Plated Adjustable Ring Base
1/2″ Round Linked Bezel Bracelet – Goes perfectly with our 1/2″ Mini Bottle Caps
Nylon Bracelets:  Black, Bright Blue, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Lime Green, Red, Tie-Dye (Yellow/Red)
Bobby Pins – Flat tops that work well with any size bottle cap.  Available Colors:  Silver, Black, White, Hot Pink and Lime Green.
Shoe Clips
Silver Necklace Bail
Fishook Earrings
Eye Hooks
Lobster Clasps
Ornament Hooks (Large/Small)



Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

Order this week for Valentine’s Day!!  Use coupon code #VALENSHIP on any orders over $50 for free shipping!  We love working on custom items, please feel free to send us your own images for that special someone!  Here are some of our newest Valentine’s designs and some sample bottle caps that we’ve recently done.  Including some wedding images!

Valentines35 Valentines34 Valentines33 Valentines32 Valentines31 Valentines30 Valentines29 Valentines28 Valentines27 Valentines26 Valentines25 Valentines21 Valentines20 Valentines18 Valentines17DSC_0090 (2) DSC_0101 (2) DSC_0105 (2)

More Sample Bottle Caps

Here are a couple new ones, including Scooby, SpongeBob and some fun hairbow options!

Sample Sports Bottle Caps

We’ve recently taken photos of several new bottle caps.  Check these out!

Halloween is coming!

Candy!  Ghosts!  And Princesses!  OH MY!!

You might be wondering just how you’re going to decorate that great fall brew?  Or the perfect embellishment for your little ones bow?  Maybe you’re having a spooky party and need to find something DIFFERENT for your decorations this year?

We’ve got you covered!

Halloween bottle caps are selling fast!  We have several types of Halloween bottle caps that should work for whatever you are trying to add that special touch to.  If you don’t see something you like, just ask!  We can make up custom images for you within 24 hours and there is NO ADDED COST for custom work.

But order soon to receive your caps in time!


Check out a few of these fun designs:

NFL Bottle Caps

It’s that time of year again!  My 3 favorite B’s!  BBQ, BEER AND BALL!!  That’s right, it’s football season!!  We have a wide range of NFL bottle caps as well as College Football bottle caps.  Our sports caps are probably one of the BEST SELLERS.  They’re great for just about any time of the year.  You can use our caps for bottling, making hair bows or jewelry for the small fans or just use them as decorations!

If you’d like to customize any of our designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas.  We can help make that party a step above the rest!

We were even featured in BRIDE’S magazine with our Colt bottle caps:


We also offer BASEBALL Bottle Caps, see the example of our CUPPED Baseball Bottle Caps below:


If you’re looking for a little bit more of a GIRLY touch, please see our sports section as we have many images that have been transformed with a feminine touch.  Our you could browse our Cheer Bottle Caps, see some samples of past orders below:

Image Image

Whatever sports related images you’re looking for, we can help!  We’re looking forward to making your next Football party a crowd pleaser.  DON’T FORGET TO ORDER EARLY FOR SUPERBOWL!