Bottle Cap Table

Make a Bottle Cap Table!

1)  Collect Bottle Caps.  This is the easy part.  Keep all those bottle caps you’re prying off your beer bottles.  Or our personal favorite thing to do – SHOP AT CRAFTY CAPS!

2)  Find a Table.  Preferably not a huge one, and not one that is very expensive unless you’re a pro!  A table with the trim border works really well with the resin we’ll be suggesting.  Or you can create a trim with wood and line the edges of the table.

3)  Paint the table, if desired.

4)  For the next step, you have many options.  There are a variety of different types of bottle caps you can ultimately use for your bottle cap table.  You can use flat bottle caps, cupped bottle caps or standard caps.  You can have images or blank caps, customized or predesigned – of course we suggest checking out the 10,000+ already available on Crafty Caps!

If you’re worried at all about air bubbles or “weight” of the caps before you put the sealant on, you can fill the caps with resin, light weight plaster, or glue to weigh them down.

5)  Arrange the caps to your liking on the table.  It’s best to keep them tightly together, you don’t want the resin to push them further apart.  You may not enjoy the finished product.  If you prefer, you can GLUE the caps into place, but it’s not necessary.

6)  Finally, pour resin over the bottle caps to create a clear smooth surface.  We suggest Ultra-Glo Polymer Coating which can be found here.  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!  It is very important to follow the steps as you do not want bubbles in your table!

Overall cost of materials is going to be between $50-200 depending on the table you choose and where you get your bottle caps.  For example, drinking 300 bottles of beer and keeping the crowns might cost more than expected for your table.  However, it does kill two birds with one checkbook 😉

There are MANY websites and blogs on this unusual project, so feel free to search around to see more detailed instructions.  We absolutely love this idea and we’ve had several customers try this.  Here is one that has been started by one of our customers:


Here are a few images we were able to find to show you what some people are doing:



One thought on “Bottle Cap Table

  1. Reblogged this on Upcycld and commented:
    I recently posted a table I upcycled using bottle caps. Here’s a great site with lots of ideas. Ahh…my mind is kicking into overdrive thinking of possibilities!

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